Accepting Bitcoins

Have you ever had the trouble of paying a freelancer or consultant based out of another country?

There are many hoops to jump through and banking fees incurred on both sides. The process is long and the money can take a few days to be deliverd. On small projects, that cost incurred is not worth it.

Thanks to Coinbase, I now accept Bitcoin to help ease this problem.

Clients now have the additional option to pay me in bitcoins. This will address some of the problems concerning clients based in other countries.

There are ways around the viotality problem with the currency. Use bitcoin only as a payment medium to reduce the exchange risk. You wouldn’t have to hold any amount of bitcoin if you don’t want to.

Convert your local currency to bitcoin, transfer the bitcoin to your consultant. It will then be on their shoulders to hold the risk. They can choose to hold the bitcoins or convert it to their local currency.

This way, the transaction can be completed within minutes and the work can begin. It’s easy to get started. People based anywhere in the world have many options in place to facilitate such transactions.

One neat feature of using Coinbase is the ability to request payments. This will make sure the client will pays the proper amount to the correct person.

Sign up for Coinbase with my referral link! Buy your bitcoins from them and I will split the benefit with you 50-50. They now have a very good deal on referrals and it’s totally worth it if you don’t already have bitcoins on hand.

Another benefit of accepting bitcoins is that I can now accept tips in the form of micropayments. I might add a button to the bottom of each page and see how it performs.

And here’s a page for people to send me bitcoins directly.

I look forward to receiving bitcoins!

Stanley Tan