4 Productivity Tips

My dad was always teaching us productivity tips without us knowing. After living away from home for the first time I found them to be very useful.

1. Pack your stuff the night before

My dad always tells me to pack my stuff and have it ready to go the night before. It helps speed up the next morning when the trip starts. I tend to forget stuff if I pack right before leaving, this allows me some time to go through my stuff and make sure everything is there.

2. Don’t leave things until the last minute

Leaving things till the last minute is never good. Homework and other tasks that can be completed earlier should be completed earlier. When time gets tight, panic sets in and you would not produce good work. It helps reduce stress and you sleep better at night.

3. Put things back where they belong

Things always have a place they belong. Whenever I use an item, I make sure to put it back. This keeps things organised and whenever I look for it again, it will always be there. It is easy to misplace stuff if they do not go back to where they are supposed to be, and spending time looking for your keys is not worthwhile.

4. Clean up after yourself

Always clean up after yourself. This does not only include things you use and dirty (e.g. making your bed), but also to turning off the lights and fans after usage. Closing windows when leaving the house and closing cupboard doors after grabbing your stuff. It keeps the place neat and prevents rain from entering your windows while you’re out.

Stanley Tan