As part of a course, we had to deliver a product at the end of 4 weeks as a team. We had to identify a methodology and use tools to help us achieve this goal.

We decided to develop a social feed reader, on the premise that we could use these relationships to recommend feeds to the users based on what their friends like. We would additionally use collaborative filtering to figure out what other feeds to recommend based on your similarities to other users.


Here are some of the tools we used and my thoughts on it after the project.

Working with the Agile Methodology

Working in Agile for the entire project was absolutely amazing. Our initial planning phase was slightly tedious as our tutor wanted to see the user stories for the entire product. But as we were using agile, we could change them at any point in time if needed. We had Pivotal Tracker set up to track our progress and generate charts that were useful for our final demo.

Possible improvements

Setting up the development environment for Python and Django was easy. Python works really well across platforms and there wasn’t any issues with that. I would however recommend using Nitrous.io as a cloud development environment to would prevent any issues with set up or running of incompatible versions. If you would want to work offline, I would recommend Vagrant.


It was my first time dealing with Python and Django, but I found them to be very similar and as high level languages, we could get more done with less lines of code. Overall, I think we did great as a team, we kept in constant contact throughout the project with everyone helping out. For a team with considerable lack of web development skills at the start, it was a job well done.

Check out our final product here.

Stanley Tan