Pens are such common items that are easy to find and available almost everywhere, but good quality yet cheap ones are not.

Having to stock up on pens recently. I have found 4 that I really like. These are highly recommended as they have a high value for money and are easy to find.

Uniball Jetstream

I have always been a fan of the all popular Uniball Signo DX. But, the rubber grip is slightly too high and thus, my finger rests between the metal front cap and the rubber grip. Making it uncomfortable for long writing sessions. The Jetstream is made by the same company but it uses a different ink base. The Signo is a gel ink pen but the Jetstream is a ballpoint. Ballpoints dry faster and are cheaper to produce. However, their weakness is that they do not have a good ink flow, are more scratchy and tend to clot. The new formula in the Jetstream ink tries to combat these issues and the result is very good. You’ll be surprised by how smooth it writes and the ink flow is constant. It also dries very quickly and does not clot. But this pen is still a ballpoint and there are still problems with it if you want to nit-pick, but a good pen nonetheless.

Pilot Acroball

Pilot Acroball is like an updated Pilot G2 pen in ballpoint ink. This pen is a competitor to the Jetstream. The grip is softer and more comfortable. It writes smoothly but clots up slightly. Personally, I prefer the Jetstream. But this pen is cheaper and better built. The Jetstream and Acroball takes the top spot among ballpoint pens. Writes constant lines and feels inbetween a gel and ballpoint pen.

Pentel Energel

Pentel has always been the underdog in writing instruments. The Energel is one of the best gel ink pens I came across and it is cheap too. The micro tip is nice, and the grip is one of the best. Built quality is very good for its price. I have been writing with this pen for a bit now and I can be sure to see a lot more of it.

Muji Gel

Muji isn’t open in Sydney. So I took the chance to stock up on their gel ink pens. Muji is a minimalist brand and their pens are one of the best. Writes smooth, consistant lines that dry quick and the colours are just amazing. The hexagonal shaped barrel is just the right thickness and very comfortable to hold. You might find the grip a little too slippery though.

Stanley Tan