Roost Laptop Stand

Roost Laptop Stand

For both work and play, I usually spend 7-8 hours on the laptop each day, some times even more. My work laptop is a 13" Macbook Pro and my personal laptop is a 12" Macbook. I found that crouching over them for such long periods of time caused neck, shoulders and back strain. I knew that it was unsustainable and had to find ways to improve posture before things get worse.

When I first heard about the Roost, they were discontinuing the production of version 1.0 and there were rumours that version 2.0 was going to be released soon. I waited and backed version 2 when it was announced on Kickstarter.

Some points that differenciates the Roost from other laptop stands:

When it was unboxed, I could easily see myself packing and carrying it around. As I was holding it, the way to open it up wasn’t immediately apparent. Had to look at the instructions to figure out how to use this thing. Opening and closing it was one smooth sliding motion, holding the rubber feet. The laptop fits into the hooks and rests on the frame. It is very stable and does not wobble. The hooks grip the laptop well enough so that even if you tip the whole thing over, your laptop will not slide off the stand.

I’ve been using the Roost laptop stand everyday now and I can’t recommend this enough. Elevating my laptop lets me maintain a good posture, removing strains from my neck, shoulders and back. It is also meant to work with an external keyboard and mouse/trackpad. Although this setup is more than just a laptop, it is justifiable and is still extremely portable. If I’m bringing my laptop, the Roost together with a keyboard and trackpad comes with me too.

There are many different types of laptop stands out in the market. As I travel frequently, this one suits my needs more than the others and I’m happy to share a great product with you. Learn more from