Spacemacs, a “new” editor.

Although I started programming in Vim, I only managed to learn the basic keystrokes. I’ve heard of Emacs but didn’t have the chance to try it out. People are saying that Spacemacs is a great combination of the 2, gave me motivation to try out the Emacs environment, without relearning the keystrokes used for editing.

Another benefit of using Spacemacs is that it uses a lot less resources than Atom. As I am now programming on a 12" Macbook, it is not a good machine to run Atom. Spacemacs on the other hand, allows me to maintain the battery life of this amazing machine. The longer the battery life can last on this machine, the more can be done in a single sitting in a cafe.

I’ve been using Spacemacs as my primary editor for a while now and will continue to do so for the next 6 months. We will come back to review it again then.

Stanley Tan